The S-QUBE Cloud time, attendance and access control solution is compatible with all work environments. The number of GPRS/3G biometric readers that can be deployed is unlimited while the centralised internet based S-QUBE Cloud software gives you control from a single point, accessible from anywhere, including via Mobile Devices.

Accurate clocking across multiple entry points with seamless integration to payroll. S-QUBE Cloud also provides secure and variable access control.


Scalable clocking solutions for local, regional or national strength applications, bringing workforce efficiencies and cost reductions.

Food & Catering

Employee clocking data monitored, measured and processed in real time. S-CUBE Cloud also provides supporting management reports.

Service Industry

S-QUBE Cloud provides opportunities for the service sector to boost its profitability and efficiency through the use of technology.


In an industry, such as mining, where every cent counts, S-QUBE Cloud will help companies improve their bottom line profits.


S-QUBE Cloud is a winning time and attendance solution that automates the complex demands of a 24/7 healthcare facility – large or small.


Part time and seasonal labour contracts require a flexible and accurate time and attendance solution that can be easily integrated into multiple payroll systems.

Manufacturing & Logistics

S-QUBE Cloud helps boost vital production efficiencies through incisive absenteeism monitoring and realtime clocking reports.

IT & Telecommunications

S-QUBE Cloud brings accurate multisite clocking data  and seamless payroll integration to this dynamic fast growing sector.