S-QUBE Cloud provides the agriculture industry with a simple yet effective way of managing part time and seasonal labour.

Ease of Use

The solution is straight forward, making it easy for non technical users to get the information and reports required.


S-QUBE Cloud is portable with battery backup, so this enables you to use it on location in fields or anywhere where there are no infrastructure.


S-QUBE Cloud biometric devices include a robust option that allows you to use it anywhere.

How Does S-QUBE Cloud Work For Agriculture?

S-QUBE Cloud’s flexibility and portability makes it ideally suited to labour management in the agricultural sector, which is characterised by seasonal shifts in workforce demand and supply. The ease of use is ideal where contracts are typically short term.

S-QUBE Cloud’s biometric functionality accurately records arrival and departure times of workers in remote locations. The S-QUBE Cloud solution includes a robust reader option that can be moved around to different places of work and are able to withstand rough handling.

The S-QUBE Cloud solution can operate independently in the absence of any communication or network. Once the clocking data is recorded, it will be uploaded to the S-QUBE Cloud software when the biometric reader is returned to an area with a GPRS/3G signal.