Government Industry

S-QUBE Cloud is a scalable, cost effective biometric time and attendance solution for large numbers of employees spread out over many locations and large geographical areas.

Eliminate Ghost Workers

Biometric technology eliminates "ghost" workers. It requires an actual person to be present and when S-QUBE Cloud is integrated with payroll, only actual employees who have clocked in, will be paid.

Prevent Clocking Fraud

Biometric technology prevents buddy clocking and captures actual clocking times. It ensures positive identification and presence of a person, not a card or a fictitious entry in a register.

Multiple Office Solutions

Biometric readers can be distributed over multiple and remote sites with a single instance of the S-QUBE Cloud software. Reports can be generated by department, site or for the organization as a whole.

How Does S-QUBE Cloud Work For Government?

S-QUBE Cloud is ideal for government departments in multiple offices spread out over large geographical areas. Because the biometric devices use 3G technology or existing LAN infrastructure for communication, the solution can be deployed in all areas from cities to rural areas where there is no existing infrastructure.

The biometric technology will eliminate ghost employees and prevent buddy clocking while giving management control over absenteeism.

The centralisation to the S-CUBE Cloud software allows for shifts and rosters to be set up specifically for each department or as a default for departments to choose from.

User access to the S-QUBE Cloud software is predefined to only allow a view of information related to the user’s role or area of responsibility. A manager will only be able to see the clocking transactions of his or her office while a regional manager will be able to view all employees in his or her region. Access rights can include the ability to edit information with a full audit trail of any changes made.

Payroll data can be customised to suit payroll system requirements for direct uploads into the payroll.