Healthcare Industry

S-QUBE Cloud is a winning time and attendance solution that automates the complex demands of a 24/7 healthcare facility – large or small.

Fatigue Management

Long hours worked by highly skilled employees can be monitored and managed to reduce risk to patients.

Manage Overtime

Biometric technology ensures data integrity, ensuring accurate measurement of overtime, short time and absenteeism.

Secure Access to Areas

Biometric technology provides an extra layer of security for high risk areas such as maternity wards.

How Does S-QUBE Cloud Work For Healthcare?

Healthcare facilities typically operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Workers are highly skilled, shifts are complex and overtime is common.


S-QUBE Cloud’s biometric functionality is ideal to manage overtime in a 24/7 facility when supervision is limited outside of business hours. It will prevent buddy clocking and accurately monitor absenteeism.


S-QUBE Cloud can also be used to track time related services supplied by ad hoc professionals and record use of facilities that are charged on a time related basis.


The Biometric technology also eliminates unauthorised access to secured areas.