Manufacturing & Logistics Industry

S-QUBE Cloud gives management real time views of the status of labour teams where a specific compliment of skills is important.

Manage Temporary Labour

S-QUBE Cloud makes it easy for suppliers and users of temporary labour to accurately monitor time spent on site.

Portable Clocking

S-QUBE Cloud will record the movements of employees both inside the facility as well as out on the road, accurately and in real time, simplifying the monitoring of teams on vehicles.

Programmable Software

In both manufacturing and logistics, the control and recording of shifts and overtime will be possible through the schedules and rosters contained in the S-QUBE Cloud software.

How Does S-QUBE Cloud Work For Manufacturing and Logistics?

The S-QUBE Cloud solution provides managers with an accurate view of absenteeism in specific areas to enable the management of specific skills required to perform team tasks. The biometric technology prevents buddy clocking, resulting in accurate monitoring of staff and skills.


The option of a portable biometric reader enables the management of loading teams on vehicles, ensuring accurate time recording as well as employee identity for compliancy to health and safety regulations.


The management of casual or contract labour is made easy by the flexibility of the S-QUBE Cloud solution.