Service Industry

S-QUBE Cloud provides service companies with the perfect solution to manage staff from a single access point while the staff members are based on multiple customer sites.

Multi Site Clocking

Biometric technology ensures data integrity while cloud based software gives management a centralised view of all sites.

Eliminate Fraudulent Clocking

The use of biometric technology ensures positive identification and presence of a person, not a card or fictitious entry into a register.

Reduce Admin Cost

Automated data capture and processing, for multiple sites require less human input while reporting can be done for individual sites as source documents for invoices to customers.

How Does S-QUBE Cloud Work For The Service Industry?

The S-QUBE Cloud solution is internet based and uses GPRS/3G technology for communication with the biometric devices, which makes it a perfect fit for a multi-site environment where traditional data collection infrastructure is a not available.


The biometric technology will eliminate buddy clocking while giving management control over absenteeism. Clocking data can also be used as source documentation for invoicing where contracts are based on the availability of staff members.


It has the added benefit for the security industry in that the biometric technology can be used to monitor roaming guards should this be a contractual requirement.


The centralised S-QUBE Cloud software allows for shifts and rosters to be set up specifically for each site or as a default for sites to choose from.


User access to the S-QUBE Cloud software is predefined to only allow a view of information related to the user’s role or area of responsibility. A manager will only be able to see the clocking transactions of his or her region. Access rights can include the ability to edit information with a full audit trail of any changes made. Viewing rights can be extended to customers to give them insight into contract detail.


Payroll data can be customised to suit payroll system requirements for direct uploads into the payroll.