Access Control Reader

Biometric Reader

A portable biometric fingerprint device for all industry types


The S-QUBE Cloud biometric readers are portable and come standard with a 7.4 Volt 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-Ion polymer battery. This means readers can be used on multiple sites when power supply is disrupted. This is particularly advantageous in the agricultural, construction, service and security sectors, when supervisors have to go to different sites to clock in and clock out employees. Furthermore the portable biometric reader has a battery life of between four and six hours. All data inputted during this time, can be uploaded once power is restored.

Fingerprint Templates 8,000
Transactions 200,000
RFID Cards 10,000
Communication RS485, TCP/IP, USB Host
Wiegand Ports Input & Output
Work Codes Yes
Functions Access Control Relays
Optional Functions Wi-Fi or GPRS
Power Supply 12V DC 3A
Dimensions 211 x 158 x 45mm

Did you know that the S-QUBE Cloud device is completely portable?

Take it anywhere, clock from remote locations, save straight to the cloud.