Robust Time & Attendance

Robust Biometric Reader


S-QUBE Cloud units are small, 26cm x 20cm, and strongly built. They are specifically designed to withstand rough handling, constant carrying around and placement in, and removal from, different locations.

The essential electronic components are well-protected inside the body of the unit, which can withstand the roughest of handling without damaging the electronic processing unit.

The S-QUBE Cloud units are designed to be secured to walls and other surfaces simply and can be installed by anyone. This means that a technician is not required to install or remove the unit.

Having said that, it must be stressed that the units are designed to be tamper-proof, meaning that the integrity of the data stored in the S-QUBE Cloud central processor cannot be altered by persons other than the designated administrator.

The physical strength of the unit and its portability means that it is ideally suited to situations where its location needs to be changed regularly.

Fingerprint Templates 5,000
Transactions 200,000
RFID Cards 30,000
Communication TCP/IP, USB Host
Protection Grade IP65
Work Codes Yes
Functions 7600mAh Backup Battery
Optional Functions Wi-Fi or GPRS
Power Supply 12V DC 3A
Dimensions 225 x 235 x 125mm