Access Control

Access control onto selected sites, projects and areas. The system can be used to clock attendance while recording access to restricted areas

Placing the units
The biometric readers can be used as access control on a door, gate, boom or turnstile, anywhere where the control of people entering or leaving a facility or area is needed. The same reader can be also be used for time recording.

The S-QUBE Cloud biometric reader can be used for pure access control or in combination with time recording. The reader can easily be connected to any commonly used access control barrier such as a gate, door or turnstile.

Because biometric technology ensures positive identification, it will only allow access to authorised people, eliminating risks associated with lost or stolen cards or the fraudulent use of cards. This makes it an ideal solution for high risk areas.


Did you know that the S-QUBE Cloud device is completely portable?

Take it anywhere, clock from remote locations, save straight to the cloud.