Cloud Time Management

Utilising the “cloud” to store up-to-date and easily accessible data on employees’ clocking times and schedules.

You only load the fingerprints
The S-QUBE Cloud software is set up and the biometric reader is preconfigured by us.

Utilising the “cloud” makes it easy to record, store and access your employee clocking data from anywhere. No costly IT equipment or infrastructure is required and you can rest assured knowing that your data is secure and backed up in case of a disaster or theft of equipment from site.

The cloud solution makes information accessible from anywhere, including via smartphones or tablets, giving you flexibility to manage your workforce.

GPRS / 3G enabled biometric readers eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure while allowing the use of the devices in remote areas or on the move.

S-QUBE Cloud is an easy to use and cost effective solution for time management, no matter the size of the organization or workforce.


Did you know that the S-QUBE Cloud device is completely portable?

Take it anywhere, clock from remote locations, save straight to the cloud.