Fraudulent Clocking Prevention

Ensure that only the correct employee can clock in and prevent fraudulent clocking.

Reduce absenteeism by eliminating fraudulent clocking
Biometric technology ensures accurate clocking data and frees up management to concentrate on more important tasks.

The use of biometric technology ensures positive identification and presence of a person, not a card or written entry into a register by just anyone.

It ensures that it is the actual employee that is clocking and that the time being recorded is the actual time, not the time that the employee would like to enter. This will eliminate clocking fraud and lead to a reduction in your payroll.

Overtime will be reduced, short time recorded and absenteeism will be made visible.

This is particularly effective where there is a large workforce, especially in a 24/7 operation but also in organizations with many or remote branches and offices or where employees are working out in the field or on customer sites.


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