Payroll Reduction

Integrates with popular payroll systems and helps facilitate the reduction in payroll time capturing

Biometric Technology Ensures Positive Identification
No more buddy clocking or fraudulent times entered into a register.

The use of biometric technology eliminates “ghost” workers and buddy clocking. Resulting in: hours paid = hours worked.

Buddy clocking and fraudulent clocking is a common problem in most businesses. Using cards to clock in or completing a written register lends itself to the recording of fraudulent start and end times. Workers clock for each other or manual registers are manipulated to show office hours or shift times rather than actual arrival and departure times. This results in too much overtime being paid and no or too little deductions for short time or absenteeism.

In worst cases, “ghost” or fictitious workers are “employed” and registered on the payroll without physical verification ever taking place. This is prevalent in environments with large numbers of employees and or multiple branches or offices. S-QUBE Cloud will also calculate overtime worked and integrate this information into the overall payroll output.

Other reports and outcomes, such as control of shift workers and the management of employees’ leave taken, can be programmed into the software, according to the needs of the company, using S-QUBE Cloud.


Did you know that the S-QUBE Cloud device is completely portable?

Take it anywhere, clock from remote locations, save straight to the cloud.