Workforce Management

S-QUBE Cloud enables management to have a hands-on approach to managing staff that is immediate and has a multitude of aspects and features.

Do You Want More?
There is a growing realisation that Workforce Management is more than strictly time and attendance reporting and access control.

To stay abreast of all the demands, management are turning to technology more and more to assist with the ongoing process of managing all the aspects related to their workforce.

Our company has 67 years of experience in the workforce management and time and attendance industry and have proven solutions in a variety of industries in 14 African countries. The available portfolio of solutions includes the ability to provide you with a solution customised for your business.

Our complete Workforce Management solutions is a convergence of five fields of management: human resources, operations, finance, risk and information management.
It can include an on-site solution with enhanced functionality such as seamlessly integrated time and attendance and access control, HR capability, automated interfaces to payroll, HR and other systems and the ability to enforce compliancy with regards to health, legal and company regulations.


Did you know that the S-QUBE Cloud device is completely portable?

Take it anywhere, clock from remote locations, save straight to the cloud.